Olmo and The Seagull

Lea Glob, Petra Costa
DK, Brasilien, P, S, FRA 2014
85 min

Olivia’s free bohemian life as an artist and stage actress takes a dramatic turn when she and her boyfriend Serge discover that she is pregnant. But the emotionally intense period that follows in the wake of the news, unfolds like a sensitive blend of spontaneity and staged “reenactments” of an emotionally intense episode from the two actors’ own life - and like a poetic and existential dive into Olivia’s state (of mind) during her pregnancy. For the good news comes with a dilemma: their small theatre company of close friends has been invited to stage Chekhov’s “The Seagull” in New York, but Olivia is prevented by her growing belly.
Lea Glob and Petra Costa’s joint film gets both its power and its sensitivity from the hybrid between fiction and a fragile, emotional authenticity, that not even a professional actor can perform. For how do you know what actors actually feel like themselves? OLMO AND THE SEAGULL is a modern hybrid film with classical roots in theatre arts and in Virginia Woolf’s novel “Mrs Dalloway”.

  • Olivia Corsini
  • Serge Nicolai
  • Lea Glob
  • Petra Costa
  • Muhammed Hamdy
  • Lisa Persson
  • Nadim Carlsen
  • Nathalie Vidal
  • Cecile Chagnaud
  • Tina Baz
  • Marina Meliande
  • David Barker
  • Thor Martin Duus Ochsner
  • Philip Glass
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