The Wolfpack

Crystal Moselle
USA 2015
89 min

It was pure serendipity, Crystal Moselle says, that she found the Wolfpack. She was walking down First Avenue in Manhattan in the spring of 2010 when a boy, weaving through the crowd, ran past her. Then another one. Then another, and another. “My instincts took over”, she says. “I just ran after them.” Running past her through the crowd were the six Angulo brothers: Bhagavan, the oldest; twins Govinda and Narayana; Mukunda, the leader of the pack; Krisna, and Jagadesh.
Having spent almost their entire lives inside a tiny Lower East Side housing project apartment, home-schooled and allowed out only rarely by their father, who had the only key, the Angulo brothers’ main window on the world was cinema: watching films like THE DARK KNIGHT RISES or RESERVOIR DOGS, then re-enacting them in exquisite detail. The day they met Moselle was one of their first excursions out of the apartment on their own. Over the next four years, they became the subject of THE WOLFPACK. (Nicky Woolf)

  • Crystal Moselle
  • Crystal Moselle
  • Richard Levengood
  • Cole Wenner
  • Enat Sidi
  • Danny Bensi
  • Saunder Jurriaans
  • Aska Matsumiya
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