Jia Zhangke, um homem de Fenyang

Jia Zhangke, a Guy from Fenyang
Walter Salles
Brasilien 2014
98 min

Walter Salles’ exemplary documentary about the illustrious Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke succeeds both as an affectionate, respectful but never overly reverential tribute from one artist to another and as a revealing look at the relationship between Jia’s life and work. Accompanying his subject to locations around the city he grew up in (many of them familiar from Jia’s films), Salles gets him to speak openly about a range of subjects; further fascinating insights, meanwhile, are provided by family, friends and collaborators, including Jia’s wife, actress and muse Zhao Tao. Evocatively juxtaposing the interviews with generous, judiciously selected clips from Jia’s movies, Salles has created a vivid, beautifully rounded portrait which is at once highly illuminating and, when Jia finally discusses his father, deeply moving. (Geoff Andrew)

  • Walter Salles
  • Jean-Michel Frodon
  • Inti Briones
  • Li Dan-Feng
  • Joana Collier
  • Jia Zhangke
  • Zhao Tao
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