In Jackson Heights

Frederick Wiseman
USA 2015
190 min

Frederick Wiseman’s 40th documentary IN JACKSON HEIGHTS is about the racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York.
“As ever, there are no captions, intertitles or commentary to ease us into the subject; instead, Wiseman uses his edit of around 120 hours of rushes, filmed in the New York neighborhood over nine weeks, to build a mosaic and give information. (...) Mexicans, Bangladeshis, Colombians, Ecuadorians, Indians and several other ethnic groups co-exist in the neighborhood, whose diversity Wiseman portrays in a series of rapidly edited collages – including a lovely series of moving portrait close-ups – and longer sequences, where the camera is simply allowed to run.” (Lee Marshall)

  • Frederick Wiseman
  • John Davey
  • Frederick Wiseman
  • Frederick Wiseman
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