Tribute Warren Beatty


Robert Altman
USA 1971
120 min

This is possibly Altmans best film. Itinerant gambler turned saloon keeper Beatty and prostitute turned madame Christie are the drifters who settle in the bizarre town of Presbyterian church. The ugly, half-built, mud-strewn (and later snow-bound) town that expands around them so much so that others want to take over Beattys small empire is a testament to both their success and the precariousness of their endeavours. Squeezed between the frontier and the steady encroachment of companies owned by «shareholders back East», Beatty is a temporary big man only too aware that his days are numbered but not sure of what to do. The result is an unheroic Western, rich in pathos and savage black humour. If Christies role is predictable from the start, Beattys imitation of running on the spot is simply marvellous. (Phil Hardy)

  • Warren Beatty - John McCabe
  • Julie Christie - Constance Miller
  • René Auberjonois - Sheehan
  • William Devane - Anwalt
  • John Schuck - Smalley
  • Corey Fischer - Mr. Elliot
  • Bert Remsen - Bart Coyle
  • Shelley Duvall - Ida Coyle
  • Robert Altman
  • Brian McKay und Warren Beatty (ungenannt) nach einem Roman von Edmund Naughton
  • Vilmos Zsigmond
  • John W. Gusselle
  • Louis Lombardo
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Leon Ericksen
  • Ilse Richter
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35 mm
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