Tribute Warren Beatty


Warren Beatty
USA 1990
103 min

Warren Beattys production of Dick Tracy approaches the material with the same feti-shistic glee I felt when I was reading the strip. The Tracy stories didnt depend really on plot they were too spun-out for that and of course they didnt depend on suspense Tracy always won. What they were about was the interaction of these grotesque people, doomed by nature to wear their souls on their faces. We see this process at work in one of the films first scenes, where a poker game is in progress, and everyone around the table looks like a sideshow attraction, from Little Face, whose features are at the middle of a sea of dissipation, to The Brow, always deep in shallow thought.
Tracy in the comics always was an enigma, a figure without emotion or complexity. Warren Beatty plays his Tracy as a slightly more human figure, a cop who does have a personality, however slight. To the degree that the human side of Tracy peeks through, I believe, the character is diminished; the critics who have described Tracy as too shallow have missed the entire point, which is that we are not talking about real people here, but about archetypes. Tracy should be as square as his jaw. (Roger Ebert)

  • Warren Beatty - Dick Tracy
  • Charlie Korsmo - Kid/Dick Tracy Jr.
  • Michael Donovan O'Donnell - Mr. Gillicuddy
  • Jim Wilkey - Stooge
  • Stig Eldred - Shoulders
  • Neil Summers - The Rodent
  • Chuck Hicks - The Brow
  • Lawrence Steven Meyers - Little Face
  • William Forsythe - Flattop
  • Madonna - Breathless Mahoney
  • Al Pacino - Big Boy Caprice
  • Jim Cash
  • Jack Epps Jr. nach der Vorlage von Chester Gould
  • Vittorio Storaro
  • Dennis Drummond
  • Richard Marks
  • Danny Elfman
  • Stephen Sondheim
  • Jeff Lass
  • Andy Paley
  • Richard Sylbert
  • R. Bruce Steinheimer
  • Milena Canonero
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35 mm
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