Margin Call - Der große Crash
JC Chandor
USA 2011
107 min

As the world discovered in 2008, the masters of the financial universe sit in anonymous offices in generic towers in lower Manhattan, staring at numbers that don’t add up. JC Chandor’s timely and terrifying dramatic exposé tackles twenty-four hours on an investment bank trading floor; a day that brings layer upon layer of human and professional malfeasance that jeopardizes the entire fabric of the banking system. This is a system sustained and sequestered by corporate security guards, convoluted mathematic formulas, and, of course, greed. An all-star ensemble cast propels the ominous events of this day toward the abyss, preserving just enough pathos to allow us ultimately to recognize these bankers’ humanity.

The American independent investment bank as we knew it died. Margin Call is my attempt to share the experiences of a small group of characters that were sitting at the heart of this crisis without even realizing it. The machinery they were part of had grown so large and complex that no one could comprehend its destructive power until it was too late. (JC Chandor)

  • Kevin Spacey - Sam Rogers
  • Paul Bettany - Will Emerson
  • Jeremy Irons - John Tuld
  • Zachary Quinto - Peter Sullivan
  • Demi Moore - Sarah Robertson
  • Penn Badgley - Seth Bregman
  • JC Chandor
  • Frank G. DeMarco
  • Tim Elder
  • Pete Beaudreau
  • Nathan Larson
  • Philip Quinaz
  • John Paino
  • Caroline Duncan
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