Richard Ayoade
GBR 2010
97 min

Fifteen-year-old Oliver suffers from romantic yearnings, routine bullying at school, a gloomy home life and the acute self-consciousness of a precocious sophisticate. Nothing special distinguishes Oliver, except a fondness for narrating in anxious voiceover and visualising his mundane life as a film, complete with references to camera angles. When Oliver falls for classmate Jordana, she rather brings out the worst in him. Jordana seems to enjoy bullying so Oliver tries to impress her by helping to torment another girl. It’s a shocking moral lapse, but it does the trick, and Oliver and Jordana embark on a gauche liaison. I hate to say this – the word isn't in my vocabulary, normally – but the film is charming. (Jonathan Romney)

  • Craig Roberts - Oliver Tate
  • Yasmin Paige - Jordana Bevan
  • Sally Hawkins - Jill Tate
  • Noah Taylor - Lloyd Tate
  • Paddy Considine - Graham Purvis
  • Darren Evans - Chips
  • Richard Ayoade nach dem Roman von Joe Dunthorne
  • Erik Wilson
  • Martin Beresford
  • Nick Fenton
  • Chris Dickens
  • Andrew Hewitt; Originalsongs von Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
  • Sarah Pasquali
  • Charlotte Walter
Warp Films Film4

Protagonist Pictures

Polyfilm Verleih
35 mm
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