Claire Denis
Südkorea, FRA, ESP, CH 2011
45 min

Every year the Jeonju Digital Project, initiated in 2000 by the Jeonju International Festival, commissions three filmmakers to make a digital short.
Claire Denis’ Aller au diable tells the story of an Aluku man, one of the five tribes of Maroons who survived in the forest during 400 years after escaping from the Dutch sugarcane plantations. Denis is going to Guyana and Surinam to meet a famous goldigger with a bad reputation and a great heart, great skills, a lot of humor.
On the morning of January 21st, 2008, a violinist living in José-Luis Guerín’s neighborhood committed suicide by jumping naked from his window. Getting out of his everyday presence, Guerín starts exploring the street and encounters stories.
In 2010, Jean-Marie Straub went to Alsace in France to complete the second film of the Barrès series. This time, the film is based on the novel, “Au Service de l’Allemagne”, about Mont Saint-Odile written in 1905. Jean-Marie Straub wanders around the mountain following the route of a young country doctor.

  • Jean-Christophe Folly - Ruben
  • Jean Bena
  • Johan Affossini
  • Peter Assabal
  • Claire Denis
  • Yves Cape
  • Martin Boissau
  • Guy Lecorne
  • Sandie Bompar
Jeonju International Film Festival, Why Not Productions
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