Names of Christ, The
Albert Serra
ESP 2011
193 min

Catalan director Albert Serra adds to the history of a particular genre of contemporary cinema, a genre one could, with all due respect, call “slow cinema”. Belonging to a young generation of directors, Serra is certainly one of the most interesting and paradoxical authors among his peers. He occupies himself not only with taking in its traditional sense, but he also exhibits his own works in museums just like Pedro Costa or Apichatpong Weerasethakul. His latest work consists of fourteen episodes of a television series created for the exhibition “Are you ready for TV?”. Part of the film was shot inside the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Arts. The series deals with the difficulty financing a so-called “difficult film”.

  • Montse Triola
  • Lluís Serrat
  • Lluís Carbó
  • Albert Serra
  • Román Bayarri
  • Nanu Ferrari
  • Jordi Pau
  • Victòria Aragonés
  • Gerard Teixidor
  • Albert Serra
  • Jimmy Gimferrer
  • Àngel Martín
  • Joan Pons
  • Jaume Garcia
  • Gerard Tàrrega
  • Jordi Ribas
  • Àngel Martín
  • Enric Juncà
  • Joe Robinson
  • Ferran Font
  • Marc Verdaguer
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