Kenneth Lonergan
USA 2011
186 min

Since 2000 Kenneth Lonergan has been absent from the radar as a director. The reason turns out to have been years of acrimonious studio argument over the length of his followup project, a post-9/11 New York drama in a world of trauma, rage, blame, overtalking and interrupting. Originally conceived as a three-hour movie, it has been allowed into cinemas in a two-and-a-half hour cut. The resulting movie is stunning: MARGARET is provocative and brilliant, a sprawling neurotic nightmare of urban catastrophe, with something of John Cassavetes and Tom Wolfe, and rocket-fuelled by a superbly thin-skinned performance by Anna Paquin. She is overwhelmed with ambiguous emotion at having contributed to a disaster, and, compulsively driven to do something, draws everyone into a whirlpool of painful confrontations. (Peter Bradshaw) 

  • Anna Paquin - Lisa Cohen
  • J. Smith-Cameron - Joan
  • Mark Ruffalo - Maretti
  • Jeannie Berlin - Emily
  • Jean Reno - Ramon
  • Kenneth Lonergan
  • Ryszard Lenczewski
  • Jacob Ribicoff
  • Michael Fay
  • Anne McCabe
  • Nico Muhly
  • Dan Leigh
  • Melissa Toth
Fox Searchlight Pictures, Gilbert Films, Mirage Enterprises, Scott Rudin Productions

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