Cherchez Hortense

Looking For Hortense
Pascal Bonitzer
FRA 2011
100 min

Damien is a professor of Chinese civilization who lives with his wife, Iva, a theater director, and their son Noé. Their love is mired in a mountain of routine and disenchantment. To help keep Zorica from getting deported, Iva gets Damien to promise he’ll go to his father, a state department official, for help. But Damien and his father have a distant and cool relationship. And this mission is a risky business which will send Damien spiraling downward and over the edge. “The lack of understanding between father and son, pushed to the level of resentment, is indeed one of the themes in the film. There are two father-son relationships, actually, since Damien is both son and father, son of Sébastien and father to Noé. Any story where someone has trouble confronting his father or his son might be considered Freudian. But I don’t think about it in terms of psychoanalysis. I’m mainly trying to make it funny, and I hope that it is.” (Pascal Bonitzer) 

In the presence of Pascal Bonitzer.


  • Jean-Pierre Bacri - Damien
  • Kristin Scott Thomas - Iva
  • Marin Orcand Tourres - Noé
  • Claude Rich - Sébastien
  • Isabelle Carré - Aurore
  • Agnès de Sacy
  • Pascal Bonitzer
  • Romain Winding
  • Philippe Richard
  • Élise Fievet
  • Alexei Aigui
  • Manu de Chauvigny
  • Marielle Robaut
SBS Productions

SBS Productions

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