Elie Wajeman
FRA 2012
90 min

Paris. Alex is twenty-seven. He makes a living selling drugs and pays off the debts of his brother Isaac who, after providing him with support, has become a burden for him. So when his cousin tells him that he is going to open a restaurant in Tel Aviv, Alex imagines joining him to start a new life at last. Determined to leave, Alex has to find money. But he also has to say goodbye to Paris, a city he loves, Esther, his ex, Mathias, his old friend and Jeanne whom he has just met. Torn between “aliyah” (the term for Jews returning to the Holy Land), his drug deals, his complex love life and a destructive brother, Alex has to find his own path. “Élie Wajeman maintains a consistently dark tone throughout the nar- rative, which is a moody character study with a slight genre hitch to it. While guns are never drawn and the violence is mostly of the verbal kind, Alex nonetheless becomes a hero whose quest to escape is not without a certain underlying tension and a few minor twists.” (Jordan Mintzer ) 


  • Pio Marmaï - Alex
  • Cédric Kahn - Isaac
  • Adèle Haenel - Jeanne
  • Guillaume Gouix - Mathias
  • Sarah Le Picard - Esther
  • David Geselson - Nathan
  • Olivier Desautel - Polo
  • Gaëlle Macé
  • Élie Wajeman
  • David Chizallet
  • Emmanuel Croset
  • Mathieu Villien
  • Sandy Notarianni
  • François Quiqueré
  • Gaëlle Usandivaras
  • Catherine Rigault
24 Mai Production, Les Films Pelléas, France 2 Cinéma, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma, Wallpaper Productions

Rezo Films

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