Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub
I, BRD 1972
88 min

One of the most beautiful and difficult features of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet, this 1972 filming of portions of Brecht’s novel “Die Geschäfte des Herrn Julius Caesar” is a major early summary of this masterful and radical filmmaking couple’s grasp of history and the material world. A young man in contemporary dress drives through contemporary rome and interviews characters from ancient rome – a poet, a jurist, a peasant, and a banker. Straub-Huillet’s unorthodox handling of space through editing is like no one else’s, and the duo’s passionate adherence to direct-sound recording is comparably powerful.

(Jonathan Rosenbaum) 

  • Gottfried Bold - Bankier
  • Johann Unterpertinger - Bauer
  • Henri Ludwig - Anwalt
  • Carl Vaillant - Dichter
  • Benedikt Zulauf - junger Mann
  • Jean-Marie Straub
  • Danièle Huillet nach dem Romanfragment «Die Geschäfte des Herrn Julius Caesar» von Bertolt Brecht (1937–1939)
  • Renato Berta
  • Emilio Bestetti Ton Jeti Grigioni
  • Jeti Grigioni
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
Straub-Huillet Rom, Janus Film, Fernsehen Frankfurt
16 mm
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