Thy Womb
Brillante Mendoza
Philippinen 2012
106 min

THY WOMB focuses on Bangas-An and his wife Shaleha, a childless, aging Muslim couple who eke out a hardscrabble existence on a remote island. They fish by day while Shaleha painstakingly sews elaborate tapestries at night, and, when necessary, serves as the community’s midwife. Yet these hardships all seem minor in comparison to the difficulties they face in trying to adopt a child. All seems hopeless, until Shaleha makes a startling suggestion: that Bangas-An should take a second wife capable of giving him a child.

Nora Aunor, one of the Philippines’ biggest stars, offers a moving portrayal of a woman determined to provide her husband with a child, while Bembol Roco is equally good as her stoic husband. Directed by Mendoza with an unfailingly attention to the rhythms of rural life, THY WOMB is a heartbreaking, devoutly humanist work. (Steve Gravestock) 

In the presence of Brillante Mendoza.


  • Nora Aunor - Shaleha
  • Bembol Roco - Bangas-An
  • Henry Burgos
  • Odyssey Flores
  • Albert Michael Idioma
  • Kats Serraon
  • Teresa Barrozo
  • Dante Mendoza
Center Stage Productions

Center Stage Productions

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