Retro Varda/Demy


Jacques Demy
FRA, I 1960
85 min

In Nantes, a bored young man named Roland is letting life pass him by when he has a chance meeting with a woman he knew in his teens: she's Lola, now a cabaret dancer. She's also the devoted single mother of a young son, and she harbors the hope that his father, who deserted her during pregnancy, will return. Roland realizes he's in love with Lola, and this gives sudden purpose to his life. But how does she feel? Woven into the story are an American sailor who likes Lola and is kind to her son; a girl on the eve of her 14th birthday, when all things seem romantic; the girl's mother, a lonely widow; and, an aging woman who misses her son. And who's the rich guy in the Cadillac?

  • Anouk Aimée - Lola/Cécile
  • Marc Michel - Roland
  • Jacques Harden - Michel
  • Alan Scott - Frankie
  • Elina Labourdette - Madame Desnoyers
  • Jacques Demy
  • Raoul Coutard
  • Anne-Marie Cotret
  • Michel Legrand
  • Bernard Evein
  • Bernard Evein
Carlo Ponti und Georges de Beauregard für Rome-Paris Films

Roissy Films

35 mm
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