Lil' Tokyo Story

Matthew Lax
USA 2016
4 min

A shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits and the climax of TOKYO STORY. Flanked by abstracted pillow shots of Los Angeles, the roles of Noriko and Kyoko are played by two Japanese male immigrants in a subtle, if not passing attempt at drag. When the film was released in 1953, Ozu’s producers refrained from international distribution until 1972, saying he was “too Japanese” for Western audiences. (Matthew Lax).

In the presence of Matthew Lax.

  • Masaki Hitoshi - as Hara Setsuko as Hirayama Noriko
  • Ôe Takenori - as Kagawa Kyôko as Hirayama Kyôko
  • Ozu Yasujirô
  • Noda Kôgo
  • Matthew Lax
  • Christopher Cole
  • Matthew Lax
  • Kojun Saitô
Matthew Lax

Matthew Lax

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