David Gordon Green
USA 2013
117 min

Joe Ransom drinks hard and lives tough. His daily routines provide glimpses of a failed marriage, abandoned children and relations that often do not resemble romance. We meet him as he takes on the job of clearing a forest of trees one by one. During his time in this forest Joe comes across a 15-year-old, Gary and his recklessly alcoholic father, Wade. Gary is a boy who is at that age where he can grow “good” if he just escapes his father’s abusive grasp. Joe takes him on as a worker and the two prove to be kindred spirits. Together they navigate this gritty world of characters.
“Joe is the story of the last hold-out of the cowboy age, when it was okay to shoot up a bar room or tell a lady what to do. As Joe, Nicolas Cage delivers one of his best performances in a storied career. He is as compelling as he is in his most outrageous roles, but achieves the effect with far more restraint here.” (Cameron Bailey)

  • Nicolas Cage - Joe
  • Tye Sheridan - Gary
  • Gary Poulter - Wade
  • Ronnie Gene Blevins - Willie
  • Sue Rock
  • Adriene Mishler
  • Gary hawkins nach einer Erzählung von Larry Brown
  • Tim Orr
  • Chris Gebert
  • Colin Patton
  • David Wingo
  • Jeff McIlwain
  • Chris Spellman
  • Jill Newell
  • Karen Malecki
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