Kein großes Ding

Klaus Lemke
DEU 2013

Henning and Mahmoud are friends and masters in the art of living. As opposites invariably attract, the two find the way back to each other even after Mahmoud has served his term in prison. When the little crook, a film operator, decides to focus on his artistic future, he is no longer interested in his girlfriend Tini. In any event, Henning and Mahmoud are never at a loss for ideas; nor is Klaus Lemke, whose film KEIN GROSSES DING about a Berlin underdog deals (almost) exclusively with the strength that arises out of defeat.

In the presence of Klaus Lemke and the actors Tini Bönig, Henning  Gronkowski, Leila Lowfire and Thomas Mahmoud.

  • Thomas Mahmoud - Mahmoud
  • Henning Gronkowski - Henning
  • Tini Bönig - Tini
  • Matthias Lier
  • Hanni Bergesch
  • Gregor Biermann
  • Steffen Borchers
  • Leila Lowfire
  • Tom Laterveer - Tom
  • Klaus Lemke
  • Paulo da Silva
  • Paulo da Silva
  • Florian Kohlert
  • Malakoff Kowalski
  • Tom Laterveer
Klaus Lemke Filmproduktion, ZDF

Klaus Lemke Filmproduktion

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