Das merkwürdige Kätzchen

The Strange Little Cat
Ramon Zürcher
DEU 2013
72 min

If the hardest thing is to make things look easy, then this minimalist gem of a German film is pure magic. Three generations of a family (and an orange cat) meet during the course of a long day for something that, if all things go according to plan, is meant to end with a dinner. We are in a small apartment in Berlin, and nothing is too insignificant to become a part of the symphony of chain reactions and coincidences that progress as the day passes, seemingly directed by an invisible hand. In short, this is a both homely and deeply eerie sitcom, which could have been directed by Jacques Tati. With perfect precision and a sense of paradoxical, prosaic poetry, debut filmmaker (and former video artist) Ramon Zürcher guides us into the surreal mystery of everyday rituals. An absurd world that you have to experience for yourself to believe. Distanced, but warm, and incredibly funny without trying to be so. (Copenhagen Film Festival)

In the presence of Ramon Zürcher, Jenny Schily (actress), Silvan Zürcher (producer), Myriam Eichler (executive producer) and Ágnes Pákozdi (lighting).

  • Jenny Schily - Mother
  • Anjorka Strechel - Karin
  • Mia Kasalo - Clara
  • Luk Pfaff - Simon
  • Matthias Dittmer - Father
  • Armin Marewski - Brother-in-law
  • Leon Alan Beiersdorf - Jonas
  • Sabine Werner - Aunt
  • Kathleen Morgeneyer - Hanna
  • Monika Hetterle - Grandmother
  • Ramon Zürcher
  • Alexander Haßkerl
  • Benjamin Kalisch
  • Ramon Zürcher
  • Thee More Shallows
  • Matthias Werner
  • Sabine Kassebaum
  • Dorothée Bach
Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb)

Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb)

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