Shane Carruth
USA 2004
77 min

By day, a small group of engineers work for a large corporation. By night, they conduct extracurricular experiments in their garage. While tweaking their latest project, they accidentally discover it has highly unexpected capabilities … ones that may enable them to do and gain anything they conceive. “PRIMER is a film for nerds, geeks, brainiacs, Academic decathlon winners, programmers and philosophers. It will surely be hated by those who ‘go to the movies to be entertained’, and embraced and debated by others, who will find it entertains the parts the others do not reach. It is maddening, fascinating and completely successful. Carruth wrote, directed and edited the movie, composed the score, and starred in it. The budget was reportedly around $7,000, but that was enough: The movie never looks cheap, because every shot looks as it must look. Carruth said he filmed largely in his own garage, and at times he was no more sure what he was creating than his characters were.” (Roger Ebert)

  • Shane Carruth - Aaron
  • David Sullivan - Abe
  • Casey Gooden - Robert
  • Anand Upadhyaya - Phillip
  • Carrie Crawford - Kara
  • Shane Carruth
  • Shane Carruth
  • Anand Upadhyaya
  • Reggie Evan
  • Shane Carruth
  • Shane Carruth

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