Chang Tso-Chi
Taiwan 2007
122 min

Che completes a three-year jail term and returns to his home in the Taiwanese fishing port of Nanfangao. He took the rap for a crime actually committed by his brother Ren: the stabbing of a young punk, son of the gangster Shun. Ren has spent the last three years in Japan with their father Chang, who had left them when they were very young and who has come to think of himself as Japanese during his long exile. Now Chang is also coming back to Nanfangao to settle his long-running rivalry with Shun. Che hooks up with his former girlfriend Pei, who has stopped speaking since suffering an emotional trauma. Che goes through the motions of a reconciliation meeting with Shun, but finds himself increasingly haunted by the sense that he has lost his own identity - and by the need to settle some very old scores. When Chang arrives in Nanfangao, Che refuses to meet him and takes no part in the jockeying for power and status with Shun. But the time comes when he can no longer avoid confronting his father.

  • Tseng Yi-che - Che
  • Cheng Yu-jen - Ren
  • Chen Pei-chun - Pei
  • Chan Cheng-yun - Kuei
  • Hayashida Michio - Chang
  • Hsu Ling-tsang - Shun
  • Tsai Chieh-de - Onkel Tsai
  • Lei Feng - Wen-hsiung
  • Chang Tso-Chi
  • Chang Chan
  • Chang Chao-min
  • Chang Tso-Chi
  • Thio Hugo-Panduputra
  • Wu Jo-yung
Chang Tso-chi Film Studio 2 F, Yuying Street No. 1 Taipei, Taiwan T 2 2567 0909

CMC Entertainment 7 F, Min Quan West Road No. 70 Taipei, Taiwan T 2 2567 0909

35 mm
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