Klaus Händl
AUT 2008
84 min

Selected examples of a New Cinema

The suicide of three friends - young men who had no apparent motive to kill themselves - shakes a small village in Tyrol to the core. März accompanies their relatives on the voyage back to everyday life, which seems unchanged, at least on the surface.
«There are scenes from everyday life. That's what life consists of, even after a tragedy like this. It is as though everyday life has been dislocated, however, and the dislocation continues for a long time, and then takes over at times. But you still have to put away socks, eat and sleep. And you ask yourself questions, or perhaps you don't. In the end we have seen nothing that provides us with a key; there is nothing that can give any explanation for what has happened.» (Händl Klaus)

  • Isolde Ferlesch - Irene Plötzeneder, Mutter
  • Florian Eisner - Leo Plötzeneder, Bruder
  • Julia Strauhal - Martina Thöni, Schwester
  • Alfred Kleinheinz - Markus Thöni, Vater
  • Klaus Händl
  • Gerald Kerkletz
  • Atanas Tcholakov
  • Joana Scrinzi
  • Julia Libiseller
  • Alexandra Bachlechner
  • Julia Libiseller
Händl Klaus & Coop99 Filmproduktion Wasagasse 12/ 1, 1090 Wien T 1 319 58 25,

Austrian Film Commission Stiftgasse 6, 1070 Wien T 1 526 33 23 0,

Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3, 1070 Wien T 1 522 48 14,
35 mm
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