Gertrud & Tiederich

Josef Dabernig
AUT 2018
10 min

It is common among artists to look at the relation between history and present of a place. Josef Dabernig proposes a new, typically self-aware approach to Buchberg Castle which has been serving as a site for art installations since 1979. Accompanied by monotonous organ music the mechanics of art writing its own history are laid bare as the filmmaker reads out the titles and dates of the permanent installations at this anti-museum. Filming details of the interior in brutal black-and-white creates a tension beyond convention. It is not necessarily art interacting with the place, it is also the place becoming art. (Patrick Holzapfel)

In the presence of Josef Dabernig.

  • Josef Dabernig
  • Joseph Dabernig
  • Christian Giesser
  • Michael Palm
  • Christoph Herndler
Josef Dabernig, Kunstraum Buchberg


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