Filmstill Gerontophilia


Bruce LaBruce
Kanada 2013
82 min

Lake has been in a straight relationship with Désirée for a while. But lately he finds himself paying special attention to some of the older male clientele where he works (reluctantly) as a lifeguard. When one of the swimmers nearly drowns, lake rescues him, but in a manner that's, well, a little too enthusiastic – and lake must finally acknowledge his own desires. luckily for him, his mother gets him hired at a seniors’ home, where he meets Mr. Peabody. sparks fly – and soon Peabody and lake are faced with some tough choices. With GERONTOPHILIA, laBruce takes satiric aim at both the desire for mainstream, even conventional films within the queer community and the youth-obsessed nature of gay (and straight) culture. The tone may seem like agitprop camp – laBruce is aided by a group of skilled actors who know how to play it perfectly – and it’s certainly very funny, but there are serious questions percolating underneath. (Steve Gravestock)

In the presence of Bruce LaBruce.

  • Pier-Gabriel Lajoie - Lake
  • Walter Borden - Mr. Peabody
  • Katie Boland - Désirée
  • Marie-Hélène Thibault - Marie
  • Bruce LaBruce
  • Daniel Allen Cox
  • Nicolas Canniccioni
  • Bruno Pucella
  • Glenn Berman
  • Ramachandra Borcar
  • Anette Belley
  • Marilyne Garceau
Film Option International, 1976 Productions, New Real Films


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