Die Schwärmer

The Dreamers
Johanna Pauline Maier
DEU 2013
81 min

“Everyone enters the world with powers for the most outrageous experience. Laws don’t confine you at first. But life always makes you choose between two possibilities and you always feel: one is missing! The third possibility that is yet to be imagined.” A film based on scenes in the play ‘The Enthusiasts’ by Robert Musil.

In the presence of Johanna Pauline Maier and team members.

  • Anna Daria Fontane - Maria
  • Jutta Wernicke - Regine
  • Laurent Hervé - Anselm
  • Rainer Sievert - Thomas
  • Andreas Simma - Detective
  • Roger Storp - Joseph
  • Johanna Pauline Maier nach Szenen aus dem Theaterstück «Die Schwärmer» von Robert Musil
  • Otto Muehlethaler
  • Johanna Pauline Maier
  • Lorenz Findeisen
  • Florelle Prévot
  • Andreas Bolm
  • Johanna Pauline Maier
  • Johanna Pauline Maier nach einem Thema von Gustav Mahler
HFF München

HFF München

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