Special: Surviving Images

Der Fluch

Robert Land
AUT 1925
71 min

This film takes us on a journey into a Galician shtetl of the 19th century, recounting in a parable-like manner the fate of the horse trader Jehuda Nachmann and his catharsis after he strays from the straight and narrow. Nachmann does not take the Jewish commandments very seriously and thus earns the scorn of the father of a woman who took her own life because of his misconduct. He is cursed, and neither the passing of time nor new surroundings can stop the misfortune befalling him and his descendants ... This is a film about guilt and forgiveness, and, at the same time, an extremely authentic portrayal of shtetl life. The production history is also interesting: Apparently, the film was financed through crowdfunding, initiated by the director himself. (Armin Loacker)

Live music: Katharina Ernst

  • Oskar Beregi
  • Lilian Harvey
  • Albert Heine
  • Hans Pointner
  • Ria Jaszonyi
  • Hans Thimig
  • Ferdinand Bonn
  • Anny Horni
  • Walter Reisch
  • Nikolaus Farkas
[Robert] Land-Produktion, Wien
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