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Die Gezeichneten

Love One Another
Carl Theodor Dreyer
DEU 1921

Based on Aage Madelung’s successful novel “Elsker hverandre” (“Love one another”), director Carl Theodor Dreyer depicts the eve of the first revolution and Tsarist Russia in his film DIE GEZEICHNETEN (LOVE ONE ANOTHER), which was shot in and around Berlin. There are already signs of change, but resentment against the Jewish population still runs deep. The young Jewess Hanna-Liebe leaves her home village to live with her brother in St. Petersburg. She meets her old friend Sascha again, who has meanwhile joined a revolutionary group in which a devious spy plays his evil game. Soon Hanna-Liebe and Sascha find themselves in the midst of violent rioting … Regarded as lost for a long time, DIE GEZEICHNETEN was rediscovered in the Soviet Union in the 1960s under the telling title POGROM. (Florian Widegger)

Live music: ZSAMM (Maja Osojnik und Patrick Wurzwallner)

  • Hugo Döblin
  • Adele Reuter Eichberg
  • Wladimir Gajdarow
  • Sylvia Torff
  • Richard Boleslawski
  • Johannes Meyer
  • Emmy Wyda
  • based on the novel „Elsker hverandre“ by Aage Madelung
  • Carl Theodor Dreyer
  • Friedrich Weinmann
Primus-Film GmbH, Berlin
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