Special: Surviving Images

Die Stadt ohne Juden

Hans Karl Breslauer
AUT 1924
91 min

The state of Utopia is afflicted with unemployment and galloping inflation; massive crowds protest in the streets. Nationalist German anti-Semites, headed by the two MPs, Bernart and Volbert, seize the situation as an opportunity to blame the Jews for the nation’s misery. In parliament, a law is passed to expel them ... While the hitherto lost ending of the film sheds new light on DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN, other recovered sequences reveal a parallel narrative. Previously unknown images depict Jewish life in Vienna with a clearly anti-Semitic connotative meaning. All in all, the political message of the film and the depiction of appalling anti-Semitism are articulated in a significantly sharper manner in this new version, reconstructed by Filmarchiv Austria. (Filmarchiv Austria)

Live music: Haskii & Jung an Tagen 

  • Mizzi Griebl
  • Anny Milety
  • Hans Effenberger
  • Eugen Neufeld
  • Ferdinand Mayerhofer
  • Hans Moser
  • Armin Seydelmann - Lord Bolingbroke
  • Johannes Riemann
  • Karl Thema
  • Gisela Werbezirk
  • Armin Berg
  • Fritz Flemmich
  • Theodor Weiser
  • Hans Karl Breslauer
  • Ida Jenbach based on a novel by Hugo Bettauer
  • Hugo Eywo
[Mondial Internationale Filmindustrie AG/H.K.B.-Film, Wien]
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