Fabian Vasquez Euresti
USA 2010
14 min

The southernmost county in the San Joaquin Valley is Kern County. Nestled in between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Kern is home to two industries: agriculture and oil. During my formative years, it was my home too. And for my parents, both Mexican immigrants, it still is. They live in a house owned by my father’s employer, Paramount Citrus. Close to their home lie thousands of oil wells. And the drinking water is contaminated. ]]>Everybody’s Nuts]]> is an essay and a portrait film that explores the choice of two individuals whose economic circumstances helped determine where they would live. (Fabian Vasquez Euresti)

This film is part of the Kurzfilmprogramm 1.

  • Fabian Vasquez Euresti
  • Roman Zenz
  • Ben Huff
  • Fabian Vasquez Euresti
Fabian Vasquez Euresti

Fabian Vasquez Euresti

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