Redmond Entwistle
GBR, USA 2010
30 min

Robert Smithson and Gordon Matta-Clark are revived from the dead and ejected from their makeshift mausoleums. In New Jersey, they debate their artistic positions with the ‘non-actors’ they encounter at the sites of their work. In keeping with much of the science fiction writing that inspired Robert Smithson and his colleagues, ]]>Monuments]]> is a voyage to the Lost World of New Jersey. Like 19th century adventurers, these artists reacted to the crisis in modernism by seeking out material at the margins.

This film is part of the Kurzfilmprogramm 4.

  • T Ryder Smith - Robert Smithson
  • Brian Mendez - Gordon Matta-Clark
  • Zachary Oberzan - Dan Graham
  • Redmond Entwistle
  • Lee Daniel
  • Christopher McIntyre
Redmond Entwistle


16 mm
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