Special: Wien-Moskau


Gerbert Rappaport
Udssr 1963

The 60’s, all pastel colour and sunshine, as perfect as if they were drawn by Vincente Minnelli or Jacques Demy: Rappaport’s ČEREMUŠKI is mise-en-scène, and the refinement he adds to the genre of musical theater, at their best. One of the international titles, CHERRY TOWN, reminds of the meaning the word “Čeremuški” was supposed to transmit in the days of large-scale housing projects under Nikita Sergeevič Chruščev. The difference between this “Modern Project” and reality is yet another question: The film was completed at a time when the first frosty clouds appeared on the horizon of political détente. The anachronism might well have been intended. As in the original they are based on, namely šostakovič’s operetta “Moskva, Čeremuški”, Rappaport’s scenic ecstasies venture into the realm of wandering dreams. Whether they are young and pure souls, bureaucratically deformed elderly men or very average Soviet citizens, people keep dancing and singing, bathing in a delirium of joy. (Olaf Möller, Barbara Wurm)

  • Vasilij Merkur’ev
  • Ol’ga Zabotkina
  • Vladimir Vasil'ev
  • Gennadij Bortnikov
  • Vladimir Zemljanikin
  • Marina Chotunceva
  • S. Živankova
  • Marina Polubenceva
  • Evgenij Leonov
  • Fedor Nikitin
  • Konstantin Sorokin
  • Rina Zelenaja
  • Sergej Filippov
  • V. Mass
  • M. Cervinskij
  • I. Glikman nach der Šostakovič-Operette «Moskva
  • Čeremuški»
  • A. Nazarov
  • K. Kozyreva
  • D. Šostakovič
  • L. Šil’dknecht
35 mm
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