Special: Wien-Moskau

Žizn' v citadeli

Leben in der Zitadelle
Gerbert Rappaport
Udssr 1947

The story of what happened in the Soviet Union in the immediate post-War years has not yet been written. In particular, it would be worth addressing the destinies of the film directors. We know that Rappaport was sent to the Estonian SSR in order to set up the national film studio of Tallinn. He shot a total of four feature movies in the Estonian language - the first and most notorious being ŽIZN’ V CITADELI (“Living in the Citadel”), whose script was adapted by Leonid Trauberg from the “eccentric actor factory”. Because of the Greater Russian tendencies in Soviet cultural policy – to say the least – the project is rather problematic and occasionally now considered a disgrace. (Olaf Möller, Barbara Wurm)

  • Hugo Laur
  • A. Talvi
  • G. Kilgas
  • L. Laats
  • L. Rajala
  • A. Särev
  • B. Kuuskemaa
  • R. Nuude
  • E. Tinn
  • A. Randviir
  • B. Dobronravov
  • Leonid Trauberg nach dem gleichnamigen Drama von August Jakobson
  • L. Val’ter
  • S. Ivanov
  • E. Kapp
  • E. Enej
  • L. Šil’dknecht
35 mm
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