Special: Revolutions in 16mm

Els van Riel - Gradual Speed

B 2013

A few years ago I started collecting images with the idea in mind to pay homage to the slowly vanishing techniques of analog filmmaking. Now a series of these recordings makes GRADUAL SPEED, a work on and for black and white 16mm film seen as matter, and at the same time as a metaphor for everything we cannot grasp. At present, a year later, I notice that these analog techniques might not be disappearing but rather have come to a turning point. As if they are getting a second chance. Due to the actual co-existence of a large variety of moving image media, we are now able to analyze their different characteristics, work with them, and extract from them the unique qualities of analog filmmaking. Most of my work favors celluloid because of its immediate engagement with ­materiality. Its chemistry allows me to celebrate the temporality of the moment as well as to grasp my own personal moment, that only chance to discover, here and now, a grain of sense. (Els van Riel)

Belgium 2013, b&w/no dialogue,
52 minutes

Cinematography, editing: Els van Riel
Sound: Chiyoko Szlavnics, Andreas Rauscher
Produced by: Palindroom vzw
World rights: Els van Riel
Rights for Austria: Arsenal – Institut für Film and Videokunst


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