Bob Dylan


D.A. (Donn Alan) Pennebaker
USA 1967
96 min

As far as I am concerned, Dont Look Back was never meant to be a documentary. (...) I was never interested in educating people about Dylan. First of all, I don't know enough about him. Who does? Besides, that's Dylan's business. If he wanted to educate people, I am sure he knows how to do it. What I wanted to do was just be present when Dylan enacted his whole life and show you what he deals with and what interests him. (D.A. Pennebaker)

  • Bob Dylan - Renaldo
  • Joan Baez - Woman in White
  • Albert Grossman
  • Bob Neuwirth
  • Alan Price
  • Howard Alk
  • D.A. Pennebaker
  • Ed Emshwiller
  • Jones Alk
  • D.A. Pennebaker
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35 mm
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