Anton Corbijn
GBR, Australia 2007

Anton Corbijn's Control is about the troubled life and times of post-punk legend Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, who killed himself in 1980 at the age of 23,
depressed by his epilepsy, his failing marriage and by the uncontrollable intensity of the nihilistic emotions displaced by his life into his art - emotions that consumed him. Sam Riley gives a superb performance as Ian Curtis, intuitively recreating his on-stage mannerisms, from the stock-still hunch over the mic, with eyelids lowered, to the crazy, elbows akimbo running on the spot routine, which like nothing else made him look like some sort of visionary outpatient. Corbijn does not indulge in the cliché of seeing epilepsy as an ecstatic state, but certainly suggests how the convulsiveness and jittery subversion of Curtis's music might imitate a pre-epileptic state: culminating in a full-blown episode live on stage. (Peter Bradshaw)

  • Sam Riley - Ian Curtis
  • Samantha Morton - Deborah Curtis
  • Alexandra Maria Lara - Annik Honore
  • Craig Parkinson - Tony Wilson
  • James Anthony Pearson - Bernard Sumner
  • Harry Treadaway - Stephen Morris
  • Joe Anderson - Peter Hook
  • Matt Greenhalgh nach den Memoiren «Touching From A Distance» von Deborah Curtis
  • Peter Baldock
  • Martin Ruhe
  • Andrew Hulme
  • New Order
  • Chris Roope
  • Julian Day
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35 mm
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