Retrospective 2016

El castillo de la pureza

The Castle of Purity
Arturo Ripstein
Mexico 1973
110 min

Gabriel Lima is so determined to protect his loved ones from the evils of the world that he keeps them locked up at home. There wife Beatriz and the couple’s children help run the family business – making rat poison. As they near adulthood, the kids begin to challenge their father’s version of life beyond the “castle” walls, and Gabriel’s behavior becomes increasingly unstable. Inspired by a true story, this Mexican cinema classic brims with the obsession and absurdity of Luis Buñuel’s best films. DOGTOOTH with an eerily similar premise, was prominent on the international festival circuit in 2009.

  • Claudio Brook - Gabriel Lima
  • Rita Macedo - Beatriz
  • Arturo Beristáin - Porvenir
  • Diana Bracho - Utopía
  • David Silva - Inspector
  • José Emilio Pacheco
  • Arturo Ripstein
  • Alex Phillips
  • Jesús González Gancy
  • Rafael Castanedo
  • Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras
  • Lucero Isaac
  • Carlos Chávez
Estudios Churubusco Azteca S.A.
35 mm
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