Retrospective 2016

Abismos de pasión

Wuthering Heights
Luis Buñuel
Mexico 1954
90 min

This “Wuthering Heights” is nothing if not Spanish in its tone. It’s also Roman Catholic down to its toes in the way that it reflects the particular obsessions of the self-described nonbeliever who made it. It’s still the tale of the mystical, all-consuming love of the well-born Cathy (here named Catalina) for her childhood sweetheart, the handsome, rudely tyrannical, former stable boy, Heathcliff, renamed Alejandro by Buñuel. The English moors are now the barren hills of rural Mexico and what once seemed to be a romantic rebellion against the genteel manners of Anglican England has now become a darker, timeless war between the forces of light and darkness. (Vincent Canby)

  • Irasema Dilián - Catalin
  • Jorge Mistral - Alejandro
  • Ernesto Alonso - Eduardo
  • Lilia Prado - Isabel
  • Luis Buñuel
  • Julio Alejandro de Castro
  • Arduino Dino Maiuri
  • Agustín Jiménez
  • Eduardo Arjona
  • Galdino Samperio
  • Carlos Savage
  • Raúl Lavista
  • Edward Fitzgerald
  • Armando Valdés Peza
35 mm
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