Retrospective 2016

The Raid

Hugo Fregonese
USA 1954
83 min

Excellent, factually based Civil War Western, in which Heflin’s Confederate officer leads a group of soldiers, with whom he has escaped from a Union prison camp, in a plan to avenge the destruction of Southern communities by first taking over, and then sacking, a Northern town close to the Canadian border. Tension is slowly but surely built up as the men try to infiltrate the township; conflicting emotions arise with Heflin’s growing respect for the widow with whom he lodges (Bancroft); and the final, savage massacre is powerfully staged by Fregonese, who makes superb use throughout of Lucien Ballard’s typically moody photography. This was the film that served as a springboard for John Arden in writing his play “Serjeant Musgrave’s Dance”. (Geoff Andrew)

  • Lee Marvin - Leutnant Keating
  • Van Heflin - Major Neal Benton
  • Anne Bancroft - Katy Bishop
  • Richard Boone - Captain Foster
  • Tommy Rettig - Larry Bishop
  • Sydney Boehm
  • Lucien Ballard
  • Harry M. Leonard
  • Robert Golden
  • Roy Webb
  • George Patrick
  • Travilla
Panoramic Productions
35 mm
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