Zero Hour!

V' 16

Zero Hour!

Hall Bartlett
USA, 1957
81min, OF

Quelle: Filmarchiv Austria

Zero Hour!

Hall Bartlett
USA, 1957
, 81min, OF

Dana Andrews
Ted Stryker
Linda Darnell
Ellen Stryker
Sterling Hayden
Captain Martin Treleaven
Arthur Hailey
Hall Bartlett
John Champion
Lyle Figland
Charles Grenzbach
John F. Warren
John C. Fuller
Ted Dale
Arthur Hamilton
Boris Leven

Paramount Pictures
16 mm

“Don’t you feel anything for me anymore?” Ted Stryker asks his wife Ellen when confronting her on the plane. “There’s so many things to make love last,” she replies. “Most of all, it takes respect. I can’t live with a man I don’t respect.” (Adam Zanzie)

Ted Stryker, an ex-World War II squadron leader is still haunted ten years after the war by a decision he made that resulted in the deaths of six of his men. Now his marriage is under threat as his wife has just left him, taking their young son with her. He rushes to the airport and manages to get on the same flight, but the captain, co-pilot, and several passengers suddenly fall ill from food poisoning, leaving Stryker as the only person on board with flying experience – though on a totally different kind of aircraft. It is up to him to overcome his personal and professional fears if the lives of all on board are to be saved. (Graham Petrie)