Retrospective 2016

Elephant (G. Van Sant)

Gus Van Sant
USA 2003
81 min

ELEPHANT is a documentary-like examination of an ordinary day in a mostly white, middle-class high school in which the calm is splashed with a corrosive burst of violence: two boys arm themselves and begin shooting. The picture mirrors the horrific events at Columbine High School, and its influences stretch from Frederick Wiseman to Ambrose Bierce’s “Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”. The title comes from the British director Alan Clarke’s 1989 rough-and-ready short film of the same name, a tough and dense look at the violence in Northern Ireland, which also didn’t paste answers onto the problem. (Elvis Mitchell)

  • Alex Frost - Alex
  • Eric Deulen - Eric
  • John Robinson - John
  • Elias McConnell - Elias
  • Gus Van Sant
  • Harris Savides
  • Leslie Shatz
  • Gus Van Sant
  • Marychris Mass
  • Marsha Barlett
  • Leslie Gilbertson
HBO Films, Fine Line Features, Meno Films, Blue Relief Productions, Fearmakers Studios
35 mm
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