Retrospective 2016

Anni facili

Easy Years
Luigi Zampa
I 1953
98 min

ANNI FACILI is the story of a Sicilian professor who moves to Rome, gets lost in the maze of Roman ministries and gives in to corruption. Three revisions of the script were needed before getting the green light for the production. It was judged a “deliberately scandalous and savagely self-destructive” film, and the censor certificate took forever to be issued. The official reason: satire of a corrupt state bureaucracy. The hidden reason: the satire of neo-fascists, which triggered the lawsuit of the fascist Marshal Graziani. This time Giulio Andreotti did not subdue the liberties taken by government officials. As the film was released “l’Unità” exclaimed: “A victory for anti-fascism and for Italian film.” It was true, and for once critics smiled on Zampa. “The story of ANNI FACILI demonstrates once again how a merely civic – forget revolutionary – impetus is weak in Italy and how ingrained instead is the idea that certain parts, situations and people of our society are sacred and untouchable,” wrote Alberto Moravia in “L’Europeo”. (Alberto Pezzota)

  • Nino Taranto - Prof. Luigi De Francesco
  • Alda Mangini - Fedora
  • Gino Buzzanca - Baron La Prua
  • Clelia Matania - Rosina
  • Armenia Balducci - Baronesse
  • Sergio Amidei
  • Vitaliano Brancati
  • Luigi Zampa
  • Vincenzo Talarico
  • Aldo Tonti
  • Biagio Fiorelli
  • Eraldo Da Roma
  • Nino Rota
  • Piero Gherardi
  • Marilù Carteny
Ponti-De Laurentiis Cinematografica
35 mm
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