Retrospective 2016

Shichinin no samurai

Die sieben Samurai
Kurosawa Akira
Japan 1954
201 min

Why do the Samurai take the job to defend this village? For a handful of rice every day, do they risk their lives? Because that is the job and the nature of the samurai. Both sides are bound by the roles imposed on them by society. In “To the Distant Observer” Noel Burch observes: “masochistic perseverance in the fulfillment of complex social obligations is a basic cultural trait of Japan.” Not only do the samurai persevere, but so do the bandits, who continue their series of raids even though it is clear the village is well-defended, that they are sustaining heavy losses. Like characters in a Greek tragedy, they perform the roles they have been assigned. (Roger Ebert)

  • Shimura Takashi - Shimada Kambei
  • Mifune Toshiro - Kikuchiyo
  • Inaba Yoshio - Gorobei
  • Miyaguchi Seiji - Kyuzo
  • Kurosawa Akira
  • Hashimoto Shinobu
  • Oguni Hideo
  • Asakazu Nakai
  • Hayasaka Fumio
  • Kurosawa Akira
Toho Film
35 mm
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