Retrospective 2016

The Killers

Die Killer
Robert Siodmak
USA 1946
101 min

THE KILLERS is a powerful movie without a relaxing moment. It is concerned with Pittsburgh gunmen and is predominantly a matter of shocking events in great number – avarice, homicide, gunmen being searched for rods, killers being stalked by detectives – with a minimum of concern for personalities. This film pounds home, how relentlessly crooks and the people associated with them – insurance investigators, cops, sweethearts – pursue their jobs. Besides its brutality, it has the noise, the jagged, tormenting movement of keyed-up, tough, flashy humanity that you get from a walk through Times Square. (Manny Farber, 1946)


  • Burt Lancaster - Ole ‘Swede’ Anderson
  • Ava Gardner - Kitty Collins
  • Edmond O’Brien - Jim Reardon
  • Albert Dekker - Big Jim Colfax
  • Anthony Veiller
  • Elwood Bredell
  • Arthur Hilton
  • Miklós Rózsa
  • Russell A. Gausman
Universal Pictures
35 mm
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