Retrospective 2016

Romeo und Julia im Schnee

Ernst Lubitsch
DEU 1920
48 min

A burlesque of Romeo and Juliet set in Garmisch, in the Bavarian Mountains. The family feud between the Kapulethofers and the Montekugerls (leading to several snowball fights) is initiated by an unsatisfactory trial verdict, passed by the local judge whom both families attempted to bribe with a sausage. When Romeo returns from military service Julia falls in love with him. Faced with the parents opposition to this match – Juliet’s father threatens to cut of Julia’s hair –, the couple decide to kill themselves with poison they buy from the local apothecary. Finding that the poison doesn’t work, they nevertheless pretend to be dead when the worried parents arrive at the farm shed. Using their parents’ sorrow to their advantage, the lovers declare their intent to marry and the story has a happy ending. (British Universities Film and Video Council)

  • Lotte Neumann - Julia
  • Gustav von Wangenheim - Romeo
  • Jacob Tiedtke - Kapulethofer
  • Marga Köhler - Kapulethofers Ehefrau
  • Ernst Rückert - Montekugerl
  • Hanns Kräly
  • Ernst Lubitsch
  • Theodor Sparkuhl
  • Kurt Richter
Maxim Film Ges. Ebner & Co.
35 mm
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