Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
USA 1929
89 min

Musical, gangster ballads, detective novel. The story is about a dynamic dancer who wants to save a love; showgirls, who oscillate between emotion and career; prohibition winners, who wear themselves down in underworld feuds; investigators who gamble with their orientation in the milieu of appearance. None of them are much good as heroes. The brilliant equipment and the refined camera work are too engaging. Gerhard Gruber will accompany the silent film on the piano.

  • Glenn Tryon - Roy Lane
  • Evelyn Brent - Pearl
  • Merna Kennedy - Billie Moore
  • Thomas E. Jackson - Dan McCorn
  • Leslie Fenton - Jim «Scar» Edwards/ «Narben-Edwards»
  • Otis Harlan - Porky
  • Robert Ellis - Steve Crandall
  • Paul Porcasi - Nick Verdis
  • Marion Lord - Lil Rice
  • Edward T. Lowe Jr. und Charles Furthman nach einem Theaterstück von Philip Dunning und George Abbot
  • inszeniert von Jed Harris
  • Hal Mohr
  • Edward Cahn
  • Robert Carlisle
  • Charles D. Hall
  • Thomas O'Neill
  • Gerhard Gruber
  • Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Universal Pictures Corporation of New York
35 mm
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