Paul Fejos


USA 1929
89 min

Musical, gangster ballads, detective novel. The story is about a dynamic dancer who wants to save a love; showgirls, who oscillate between emotion and career; prohibition winners, who wear themselves down in underworld feuds; investigators who gamble with their orientation in the milieu of appearance. None of them are much good as heroes. The brilliant equipment and the refined camera work are too engaging.

  • Glenn Tryon - Roy Lane
  • Evelyn Brent - Pearl
  • Merna Kennedy - Billie Moore
  • Thomas E. Jackson - Dan McCorn
  • Leslie Fenton - Jim «Scar» Edwards/ «Narben-Edwards»
  • Otis Harlan - Porky
  • Robert Ellis - Steve Crandall
  • Paul Porcasi - Nick Verdis
  • Marion Lord - Lil Rice
  • Edward T. Lowe Jr. und Charles Furthman nach einem Theaterstück von Philip Dunning und George Abbot
  • inszeniert von Jed Harris
  • Hal Mohr
  • C. Roy Hunter
  • Edward Cahn
  • Robert Carlisle
  • Charles D. Hall
  • Thomas O'Neill
  • Howard Jackson und Bert Fiske
Universal Pictures Corporation of New York
35 mm
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