Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
USA 1931
97 min

Undisguised daily prison life, the rawness of the jovial and the echo of the world economy crisis. Huge prison doors shut behind the young Kent Marlowe, who comes from a bourgeois background. He is unfamiliar with the daily prison rituals, and is not prepared to sharpen his social attentiveness. He is consumed by self-pity. The prison director immediately senses the sort of problems that Kent’s character will create.

  • Gustav Diessl - Fred Morris
  • Heinrich George - Butch
  • Egon von Jordan - Kent Marlowe
  • Dita Parlo - Annie Marlowe
  • Anton Pointner - Aufseher Wallace
  • Paul Morgan - Putnam
  • Hans Heinrich von Twardowski - Oliver
  • Karl Etlinger - Gefängniswärter
  • Peter Erkelenz - Der Gefängnisdirektor
  • Adolf Edgar Licho - Annies Vater
  • Hermann Bing - Der Rechtsanwalt
  • Frances Marion
  • Harold Wenstrom
  • Douglas Shearer
  • Blanche Sewell
  • Cedric Gibbons
  • Joe Farnham und Martin Flavin
  • David Cox
  • Walter Hasenclever und Ernst Toller
  • E. W. Brandes
Cosmopolitan M.G.M.
35 mm
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