Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
FRA 1933
65 min

An archaic Hungarian story in two versions. Godard said that one should always see twice in order to be able to distinguish between things, and to judge. In this vein, the showing of \"Tempetes\", and \"Menschen im Sturm\" offers a compelling comparison. It is applied cinematography.

  • Antal Pager
  • Gyula Csortos
  • Maria Medgyessy
  • Mor Ditroi
  • Ernö Elekes
  • Istvan Mihaly
  • Peverell Marley
  • Istvan Eiben
  • Lothar Wolff
  • Ference Farkas und Viktor Vaszy (Viktor Vaszy dirigierte die Chöre)
  • René Delacroix
  • Serge Plaute
  • Ítél a Balaton
Fiat Film
35 mm
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