Paul Fejos


Paul Fejos
AUT 1933
87 min

Vienna as a light, modern city and a place that encourages improvisation of the mind. The jobless Hans Schmidt and Ann Berger become true champions in the city. However, setbacks and false interpretations underlie their attempts at economic stability. Hans gets involved in a serious accident, which renders him unable to work. Anna alone can’t the bill for the taxi. The community helps her. Hans and Anna become a part of Socialist Vienna.

  • Gustav Fröhlich
  • Hans Marr
  • Annabella
  • Paul Otto
  • Adolf Lantz
  • Adolf Schlasy
  • Adolf Weith
  • Alfred Norkus
  • Lothar Wolff
  • Sándor von Szlatinay
  • Ferenc Farkas
  • René Sti
  • Emil Stepanek/Heinz Fenchel
Fejos-Otzoup-Film (Wien)
35 mm
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